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TSPROF 3-Layer Diamond Coated Bars For Reprofiling (4 pcs)

TSPROF 3-Layer Diamond Coated Bars For Reprofiling (4 pcs)

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Three-layer diamond coated bars. This set is designed for roughing and is made on a galvanic bond.

Diamond coated bars are more aggressive than organic and metal bonded diamonds, they provide intensive removal of metal and can be used for the cutting edge of a knife that has significant damage (chips, cracks, rolled over edge parts, e.t.c.). That is due to the fact that diamond coated grits are sticking out from the surface, while metal and organic bonded diamond grits are mixed with the bonding agent.

Each bar has three diamond layers. The concentration of diamonds in a layer is 100%. Each side has the same grit size and can be used for sharpening.

You do not need to flatten/level these diamond bars.

This set of diamond bars comes in a nylon case.


  • Length: 150 mm / 6" inch;
  • Width: 20 mm / 0.8" inch;
  • Thickness: 3 mm / 0.12" inch;
  • Grit (GOST 9206, μm): 100/80, 80/63, 50/40, 28/20 (FEPA F: 150, 200, 240, 360);
  • Diamond Powder Brand: AC15.

Tips for use: Use water for work. During work, keep adding clean warm water when the bar dries and use a brush to remove residue and avoid salting. DO NOT USE OIL! After sharpening, clean the bar and rinse in warm water. Store in a dry place.


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