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TR Maker



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Small size - The most compact of professional sharpeners.*

Made entirely of metal - We choose only the most reliable materials.

Flip-n-Sharp swivel mechanism - Sharpen your knives with maximum convenience.

VC Angleset system - Set the desired angle in one motion.

Saves time - Blitz can be installed in seconds and sharpening takes very little time.

Angle range - Set any angle from 8° to 35° (including up to 70°). 

Ultra precision - incredible accuracy down to 0.1°.

The TSPROF Blitz is an indispensable tool for sharpening small everyday knives. The overall size of the device is 13x12x12cm and the weight is only 1.5 kg. It is convenient to take it with you on a nature trip with your friends and keep it at home.

The Blitz 360 is equipped with a Flip-n-Sharp swivel mechanism that allows you to sharpen the blade without removing it from the clamps. Two steel clamps securely fasten blades up to 200 mm long.

A unique feature of the device is the VC Angleset system. Adjusting the angle in Blitz happens due to the movement of the blade relative to the virtual center. This provides additional comfort during sharpening and reduces the effect of the abrasive on the cutting edge.

A distinctive feature of the Blitz 360 version is the hinge assembly, which is not limited to body size. The 360-degree hinge unit gives you complete freedom during the sharpening process.

With the 360-degree pivot, the range of sharpening angles is increased to 70° (35° on each side). This significantly expands the range of sharpened blades.

The abrasive guide bar is attached to the hinge unit with only 0.02 mm clearance. The silent movement of the guide bar provides a new level of comfort while working.

The TSPROF Blitz 360 is equipped with a Mechanical protractor platform, with which you can control the angle of sharpening the blade up to a tenth of a degree.

5 diamond plates with different grain sizes are included with the device:
Extra Coarse (≈F150) - coarse pre-sharpening to help create the grinding shape.
Medium (≈F400) - removes the microsaw formed in the previous stages.
Fine (≈F600) - completes the main sharpening. This level is enough to cut tender tomatoes and not blunt the way the knife cuts the string.

In addition to the supplied abrasives, the universal gripper on the Blitz 360 allows you to work with all abrasives up to 150mm long, even empty.

TSPROF Blitz is a professional level of sharpening in your home. Now in a compact size.

What's included:

Blitz 360 Body
Universal Abrasive holder
Diamond plates 5 pcs (Extra coarse, Medium, Fine)
Spare parts (5 bumpers, 2 screws, hex key 1.5, 2 mm)
Alcohol wipes 5 pcs
Clamps screwdriver 2.0 mm


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