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TSPROF Single Clamp

TSPROF Single Clamp

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• Suitable for - tourist, folding, hunting, survival and tactical knives.
• Recommended blade length - 50-200 mm
• Minimum blade width - 20 mm
• Maximum spine thickness - 5 mm
• Range of angles - 10-32° (depends on knife size, abrasive thickness, sharpening system)

— Works with K03, Kadet and *Pioneer! —
*For use with Pioneer you will need a set of L-attachments. ⚠


TSPROF Single Clamp - adjustable clamp for sharpening knives of complex geometry. Works with K03, Kadet, and *Pioneer sharpeners. *For use with Pioneer you will need a set of L-attachments.

The clamp design allows you to clamp knives with complex blade geometry. Good for hunting and folding knives with a wide blade.

Do not use this clamp to sharpen long knives with a narrow spine. Long and thin blades can flex during sharpening, thus receiving a wrong angle at the flexing parts.

Suitable for: tourist, folding, hunting, survival, and tactical knives.

Specification Value
Blade length:
50-200 mm
Min blade width: 
20 mm
Max spine thickness: 
5 mm
Jaws width
32 mm


The clamp is adjustable with 3.0 and 2.5 mm screwdrivers


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