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TR Maker



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Large - full size professional sharpening system.

Best in class - comes with Axicube-I protractor.

Reliable materials - Constructed from 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum.

Swivel mechanism - Maintain the same angle on both sides of the blade.

Incredible precision - Angle adjustment is easy thanks to rack and pinion lift.

Abrasives included - Comes with diamond stones that are effective, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Sharpening angle - 8° to 39° on each side, maximum total angle - up to 78°.

Blade thickness - 1-7mm thick blade is connected.

Blade length - from 60 to 450 mm (in some cases up to 700 mm).

Universal holder - Use any flat blade or Edge Pro stone up to 210mm long.

The K03 Pro body has no horizon deviation and the blade is clamped parallel to the table. The modern rack and pinion lift with included (toothed) gear and a stepless adjustable rail allows you to adjust the angle with 0.1° precision. The extended angle height adjuster, thanks to its improved design, allows you to sharpen the blades in an angle range of 8° to 39°, which allows you to sharpen the overall angle up to 78°.

The slider is connected to the base by a dovetail that guarantees absolute precision of angle adjustment. An additional lift bar is used to increase the sharpening angle. The locking screw ensures rigid fixation of the elevator during deburring operations. Fixing its position is now easier: the locking screw can be inserted on either side of the body. The reaction part of the elevator is made of a durable polymer material - polyacetal . It is a super strong, high performance polymer with a density of 1,420 g/cm3. Polyacetal has excellent anti-friction properties that make rack and pinion lift work smoothly. The polymer is black, highly resistant to abrasion and abrasion. It preserves its initial appearance and smooth glossy surface for a long time. A steel rail is responsible for the operation of the lifting mechanism. An angle measuring scale is applied to the front of the slide, allowing you to visually control the angle setting.

The unique swivel mechanism has a wide lever that facilitates rotation and ensures reliable automatic locking of the clamping frame. Thanks to the spring and bearing system, the frame rotates without wearing the mechanism. The body of the auto-flip system is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a black anodized finish. The universal holder allows you to use any abrasive stone with the sharpener, both with and without them. The sander holder does not have a metal plate, but thanks to the special geometry of the abutments, it allows you to fix the abrasives as securely as possible. The length of the abrasive holder bar has been increased by 694 mm,

It is made of steel and has high rigidity. The retainer bar is collapsible and combined with an aluminum sleeve coupling with a three-point mounting that ensures maximum alignment of the joint. The rod is equipped with a convenient thumbscrew that allows the rod to be attached in one motion for adjustment.

The Axicube -I angle finder has been specially developed for sharpening systems and is integrated into the body of the holder's movable stop, which enables real-time monitoring of the sharpening angle. The Axicube is firmly attached to the abrasive holder and is in the plane of the abrasive stone.

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